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The books listed below will be for sale at the June 4th Kenosha Streetcar Society Banquet for members, first come first served. Any books left over will be for sale to all at the price shown plus shipping. The Society would like these books to go to someone to enjoy them. Watch for updated list after June 4th.

Book Listing Author hard cover 70% off

shown below

Commuter Railroads Patrick C Dorin x $2.40

California Trolleys Allen Copeland x $13.50

Southern Pacific Passenger Trains/Night trains of the coast route

Dennis Ryan/Joseph Shine x $ 22.50

Metropolitan Railways/ Rapid transit in America

William D Middleton x $9.00

Pacific Electric/ in color volume II/

P. Allen Copeland x $18.00

Images of rail Caltrain and the Peninsula Commute Service

Janet McGovern $6.00

A Traveler's GuideInez & David Morris $4.80

Key System Album Interurbans Speciual 68

Jim Walker x $3.00

Duneland Electric/ South Shore line in transition

Donald R Kaplan $18.00

Southern Pacific's San Joaquin Valley Line

Tom Dill x $19.50

Electric Railways/ around San Francisco bay/volume 1

Donald Duke $9.00

West Coast Interurbans California

Donald Duke x $18.00

Journey to Amtrak/ The year history rode the passenger train

Harold A Edmonson x $13.50

Traction Yearbook 83 $6.00

The Cable Car in America George W Hilton $9.00

TravElectric Rochester, Syracuse and Eastern Railroad and Assoc Lines

James McFarlane x $12.00

Fort Wayne and Wabash Valley Trolleys

George Brady x $3.60

Houston North Shore

Charles Robinson/Paul DeVerter II x $3.00

Remember When Trolley wires spanned the country

N Carlson/ A Peterson $8.40

From Bullets to Bart

W Middleton, N Carlton $6.00

Riding the Bell R Ruddelle $16.20

The Lake Line C Bajema D Kindem J Budzynski $12.00

Detroit Street Railways J Schramm W Henning $6.60

Detroit Street Railways J Schramm, W Henning R Andrews $12.00

The Fort Dodge Line D H Sommer $36.00

The Streetways of Grand Rapids

C Bajemal T Maas $7.20

Every Hour on the Hour J Merriken $17.40

Faster than the Limiteds T Bullard W Shapotkin $6.00

San Francisco Railway P Ehrlich $9.60

Texas Electric Railway J Myers $7.50

A Rainbow of Tracktion $6.00

Pig & Whistle R DeGnaw $13.20

Keystone State Traction R Lewis $10.80

The Shore Line Electric Railway Co

O R Cummings $6.60

Electrification GE $10.80

Kenosha News Streetcars are Back

Kenosha News Brad Retiring

Streetcar Day 2022 is on schedule! September 10th

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Streetcar Day 2020 September 26th 2020!

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Kenosha PCC 2185 was built

First in service in the Philadelphia area, then at East Troy

Wisconsin, and now at Kenosha 2185 continues on.

We are proud to provide this website as a way to keep members and the community up-to-date on the activities of the Kenosha Streetcar Society.

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by St Louis car company in 1948

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