From our Inbox: Saturday, October 7, Milwaukee Transit Day at Illinois Railway Museum.

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        A special commemorative pass will be issued at the gate to all who identify themselves as “Milwaukee Transit Fans.”  This pass will be good on all trains, streetcars and buses AND WILL AUTHORIZE ADMITTANCE TO RESTRICTED ACCESS STORAGE BARNS WHERE MANY MILWAUKEE ITEMS ARE STORED.  A list of Milwaukee transit equipment locations by barn and track will be provided along with a map of the campus.  “Fare” for the day will be $10; IRM members will be admitted free of charge by showing their 2017 membership card.
          As you visit various pieces of equipment, you will see a number of Milwaukee transit pieces that have been immaculately restored to operating condition and some that are being restored.  You will also see many that need restoration.  

The diner will be open and serving fast food.  The used book store and gift shop will also be open.  Shop in Liner car 801A for some really SPECIAL North Shore items (caution:  Bring your checkbook – there will be some REALLY NEAT SURPRISES!)

Saturday, September 23, Milwaukee Day at East Troy Electric Railroad

Fox6 News featured the Kenosha Streetcars Tuesday, Aug 22nd. You can watch the three segments of video and read other details here;…/beautifully-restored-electric-streetc…/

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