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2016 P.C.C. Calendar - More great photos from Brad Preston to get you through 2016!

Brad's calendar from 2015: 2015 P.C.C. Calendar

Brad's calendar from 2014: 2014 P.C.C Calendar

4617 and 2185 Move to Kenosha

Special thanks to Wisconsin Public Television for sharing a video, featuring the growing interest in "low speed rail" in Wisconsin, despite the lack of interest in the high speed rail line from Milwaukee to Madison.

Contributing producer Fred Wessel visited Kenosha during our 10th anniversary celebration back in June 2010, so watch for clips with Brad Preston and Jack Doyle.

You can view the video online here: http://www.wpt2.org/npa/IW912.CFM

Thanks to Brad Preston for sharing this great video from the 10th Anniversary Celebration!

10th Anniversary Celebration

Our Summer 2009 newsletter featured an article by Brad Preston, about the PCC Control Demonstration.  Here is a video of the demonstration.  Enjoy!

Accelerator PCC Streetcar

Simply click the Play button to start the video.

Brad Preston also filmed the activities of the streetcars on July 4, 2009.  Especially noteworthy are the shots taken from the lighthouse and the crowds of people using the streetcar as transportation from the lakefront after the fireworks have finished. 

July 4, 2009

These videos, along with others that Brad has created, can also be viewed on his YouTube channel: 

Special thanks to Brad for letting us share his videos!